O Autor

João Ferreira Dias

João Ferreira Dias holds a PhD in African Studies from ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (2016) and a master’s degree in History and Culture of Religions from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon (2011). He has several specialisation courses, among which we highlight the course on Afro-Latin American Studies at Harvard University (2021), the course on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in Perspective (2020) from the Faculty of Law of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and the course on Brazil’s International Insertion and Foreign Policy (2008) from the University of Lisbon.
He is a researcher at the International Studies Centre of ISCTE and an associate researcher at the History Centre of the University of Lisbon.
He has taught African Religions in the undergraduate program in Religious Studies at the Lusófona University of Lisbon. He has been an invited lecturer in the curricular unit of African Religions in the undergraduate program in African Studies at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon.
For his PhD he researched the nostalgia of olden days Candomblé as well as the uses of Africa as places of memory and political assets in Bahian and Uberaba’s Candomblé, showing how the authenticity besides plastic needs to be permanently recreated for the legitimacy of religious actors, not being a given even in the relationship between and for the traditional terreiros.
In his master’s degree, he has conducted research on Yorùbá religious thought, concluding that (i) there is not one Yorùbá religion but several interacting religious segments, (ii) the traditional Yorùbá religion is indeed neotraditional, resulting from extended exposure to Islam, Christianity and the processes of integration of various peoples speaking Yorùbá language and return of formerly enslaved peoples, a circumstance that affects religious thought mainly about the supreme being (Olódùmarè).
He is currently conducting research on Populism, Racism, Identity Politics and Fundamental Rights in Portugal from a Political-Legal perspective.

João’s work has been mainly on African and Afro-Brazilian religions from an Anthropology of Religion perspective. Recently he has started to work on Political Science and Law, emphasising Populism, Racism, Identitarian politics, and Fundamental Rights.

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