African Theology: thinking outside the box


Considerations on African Theology sound like a non-stop carousel: moving in the same direction and returning to the starting point at the same time. In Portuguese, we call it “a little hake with tail in mouth” situation. While some scholars focus their lens on the historical changes concerning the discourses or even on the rise of the so-called African Theology, nobody waste a moment thinking about the concept of Theology itself.

The African Theology, at least as a given long-term concept, is understood as a Christian painting with African colours, materials and techniques. In other terms: African Theology refers to a flux of African typical ideas, languages, metaphors and even rites to the Christian God and to Jesus. From my point of view, this should be said to be African Christian Theology. Despite the several Christian movements, Islam is part of the communal furniture in Africa. Thereby assuming that African Theology only refers to Christian movements and churches does not improve African Studies.

Moreover, recognizing that Theology should be related to patterns of thought and manners of practice and living the religion of local ancient cults must not be excluded from the African Theology framework, as I pointed out in my MSc thesis on Yorùbá Religion (2011).

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